Graceful Kathak Dancer Set: Authentic Original Paintings
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Be inspired by the grace of Indian classical dance with this set of 3 original paintings of elegant kathak dancers! These vibrant portraits bring alive the magesty and beauty of the dance form, capturing each movement with exquisite detail. Enhance your home decor with the timeless elegance of kathak art. Enjoy authentic & aesthetic original paintings of these graceful Kathak dancers.

This is set of 3 original framed paintings. Watercolors are used. Price is quoted for the collection of all 3 paintings. 

*These are framed original artwork set of 3. (12.5*16*5 inches[1 art],9*12.5 [2 arts])

**Prints not available

***Free Shipping

Other things to be noted/ disclaimer:

  • Due to differences in monitor screens, color may appear slightly different in person than on screen.
  • The frames are included.
  • All artworks made are original in design and idea.
  • Please message or email in the case of any problems.
  • No hanging hardware provided. 
  • The watermark is only shown on some featured photos but not on the painting you will get.
  • Paintings are duly signed by the artist as 'Innovativepriya'.
  • Buyer is not allowed to make print or modify the originals in any form to generate monetary benefit.

Please allow up to 14 business days for us to process your order and make sure everything is perfect. It will be 100% worth the wait!🎁

The artwork in this shop is the property of Brush Muse LLC